The Door

I know you
Round wooden door
Chipping black paint
with a round cast iron knocker
Framed by ivy and jasmine vine
Just waiting for me to invoke you
I know you
Staring back at me
Eternally patient
While I am withering
Kiskadees calling
Absconded in bamboo fronds
So friendly as always
I know you
Dark shadow welcoming
As well as foreboding
Hobbit door
Real life adventure and danger
You call me while passing
Stranger to stranger
On cobblestone streets
In the birthplace of revolution
I know you
I have seen your face before
You are just another wooden door
That protects the garden
Of someone else’s life
As I pass by
While the sun fades into night
I am filled with wishing
For someday beginning
I know you
You are all I ever wanted to open
Godforsaken token
Of happiness unfolding
For all to witness
Who have not the power to open
To find the key is something
I search for and search for
You will not tell me if I have it
Until I speak your name
In your language
From frame to frame
keyhole to mailslot
panel to peephole
Until then
I am only a ghost asking
To be given life again.


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