The only way out is through…

the earth trembled beneath my feet

wandering pilgrim, lonely smoking mountain

time, the sea, an island

it all comes back to center

stumbling upon old ruins of myself

gathering moss

under silhouetted pines

as the cicada cries

it is beyond words…

The only way out is through. I am now a Doctor. I just submitted the final draft of my Ph.D. dissertation in anthropology and am officially “done.” Although, it’s true, one is never, truly, “done.” In fact, I feel that now it’s just beginning. That’s why this blog has been abandoned for so long. That’s why I, as a person, have abandoned myself for so long. I was giving birth to this: a new life, my dissertation, which will spawn articles, books, conference presentations, new projects, and numerous other things I can’t even imagine. This was my first child. Now, I am reconnecting with other parts of myself. I am dedicating myself to the practice of ashtanga yoga, trying to bend, curl, and stretch myself into new ways of being, into peace and love for myself, which I had denied myself for so long. I am reconnecting with my art in all its forms. I want to write more poetry. I’ll be beginning a “real” job very soon and continuing the journey that my bilingual life has brought me in Mexico with my wonderful partner. All these things and more await me. It is an exciting time.

It’s hard to know what to “do” with a blog. What direction I want to take it in. I’m not very good at it, to be honest. But, here’s some ideas that I want to share here for how I imagine this blog to be used:

– as a platform for op-ed anthropological articles on any topic I damn well feel like writing about that day; things that I know would never appear in an academic journal, but are interesting nonetheless.

–  as a platform for sharing my art with the world, which includes poetry and drawings.

– as a forum for discussions about ashtanga yoga

– as a place for communicating with others about topics of interest, academic or otherwise, in both Spanish and English.

I hope you will come with me on this journey…it’s going to be an exciting ride.


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