Design on the mind…

Just a quick early-week post to throw out some design ideas…really, I’d love feedback on this…

Since I’m going to be putting up my art soon, an idea sprang to mind to make designs, like sellable designs on bags, as posters, prints, etc. Just something fun to do. In taking short breaks from diss writing, I came up with a logo for my baby (and I do mean in its early stages of infancy) design company, Itanuni. I’m also a novice at Photoshop, so I’m really just beginning to understand how to make designs, and even less about how to market them.  So, below is the logo I came up with (Mama, I’m especially looking to you for help/advice with this):

itanuni logo

Any feedback or comments on the design will be well-received. Just let me know in the comments, or send me a message!

Also, just wanted to share my first altered image photoshop/art thingy, created from a picture I took last year at the Jardín Etnobotánico in Oaxaca City.



One thought on “Design on the mind…”

  1. I’m going to send you an excellent resource on design that offers practical advice and food for thought. Two quick comments from me: I would avoid using a photographic (raster) image for a logo because it won’t translate well to all uses (vector would be far better) and I don’t know – don’t even have a clue – what itanuni means. I assume it’s a Mixtec word, but what is it supposed to convey about you and your art? Can you provide a sense of whatever it is, perhaps through your choice of type?

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