The rains bring growth, green, black, and change…the river is wide and murky. Powerful, fear-inducing. New life, as well as danger, abound in simultaneous rhythms. The June fiesta nears, as does my departure. Due to writing all last week, I didn’t post on Saturday, per my usual schedule, but wanted to post today. Saturday, I’m going to discuss some art cinema I’ve been watching lately. Meanwhile, more poetry…

Cigarette nights,

Coal-black sky.

Embers, smoke wafting in ritualistic embrace of the balmy night.

Summer’s coming, 

it’s on its way.

So says Angelina,

just look for Virgo.

Crickets hum the call of past lived fresh,

Finding what’s lost,

Excited for what’s next,

The moment is now.

As fresh moisture grips the air,

I am alive.


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