Winds of Change…

As I move deeper into May, and deeper into my dissertation, I have begun to realize that cycles are constantly opening and closing in my life. I’ve been so busy writing this week that it’s only taken me until tonight, after 6 hours of straight writing (and God forbid on a Saturday) to realize that time is passing more quickly than I imagined and, although I’m still leagues away, I CAN see a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ll be moving soon, leaving a paradisal refuge of tranquility for ???? I don’t know where yet. Wherever I land, I am determined to take this centeredness with me, and keep nature closest to heart, even if I’ll be living in possibly the largest city on the planet.

The featured photo at the top of this post was taken last week, I think last Saturday, at sundown. The sky was afire, there had just been an earthquake in the early afternoon, and everything had an apocalyptic glow. Gorgeous, but somewhat unsettling. After reading recent articles about climate change, the world seems to be shifting (sometimes quite literally) under my feet. I wonder what world I am entering my 30s into, what world I will be bringing children into. Maybe that’s a millennial question asked by thousands of generations of human beings, but I am reiterating it now. Just some random thoughts from a very tired mind. Definitely taking tomorrow off.

Tonight, I wanted to share another poem, and Jaula, a new art piece that’s a bird cage I bought, spray painted and decorated, which has succulent plants growing inside. I saw this idea on Facebook, and bird cages are so plentiful in Mexico it’s easy to find a cool one. Hope my plants take root.



And now, a poem, en Español con un poquito de Mixteco:


Pintando el cielo de la noche

Illuminando el jardín

Donde los verdes brillan

y la rana grita,

Pediendo más lluvia,

Más savi.





Susurrando secretos  de la naturaleza

Mientras la luna

se hace mas llena.



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