Thinking a lot about atmosphere this week…be it the physical atmosphere of space, sky, clouds, etc., or the mental atmospheres I am creating for myself and that exist around me. Let me just say, long days, even longer nights…and a lot of self-reflection, as I watch the growing moon be absorbed by summer storm night clouds racing across the Mexican sky…

So exhausted after a week of writing the dissertation (1 week down, ??? weeks left to go?) That I’m going to just share some poetry tonight. The search is on for a bull skull to make more art, and scanning of my drawings will commence soon. Happy Saturday.

Red Planet

Red planet

Glimmering beacon of fire, of Aries in the night.

I have never seen you shine so clear as I do tonight.

You are almost within reach

Yet still remain divine,

What vacuum lies between us,

What ocean of silence and of death,

That we still wish to brave to know

Your inhospitable face.

Why can we not simply be satisfied with

Your aura,

Your mystery,

Your mythology?

Be in your presence,

Write poems of your beauty?


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