I have no idea what this site is going to be about. It is my second attempt at somewhat personalized blogging, and I’d like to give it a better chance than the last blog…with that in mind, I share this first post/poem:

Night comes softly dredging

Thoughts of worlds and spaces to be, or not to be,

Tainted by scrambled signals, signals dressed in black,

As heavy as stones thrown,

Drifting softly to the bottom of a lake.

The lake is covered in snow.

I’m living the cold dream again,

Trying to make palmettos grow,

Pretending it is wrong to do so.

Who was I pretending to be?

And why is it so much harder to let nightmares go,

When reality is something so much brighter?

Shimmering waters, quiet and warm, reflect light on the plants of my garden of thorns.

It’s only protection they seek,

But their forms, their forms,

Are the brightest green,

Living souls that never grow old.

This is what I am, true at heart.

I am not ice.

I am not snow.

I am palmetto.

I am pine tree.

Ownership is everything.

The ownership of “I” instead of “you,”

And in this moment “I” choose to go.


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